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Last update 09 September 2018

Air Forces
Военно-воздушные силы
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Самолеты --> Портал --> Организации --> ВВС

Czech Republic
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Ческая Республика Индия Польша Россия Украина Другие


Aircraft --> Portal --> Organizations --> Air Forces --> Czech Republic
Самолеты --> Портал --> Организации --> ВВС --> Ческая Республика

  • WWW.MILITARY.CZ Czech military site, in English and Czech.

    Aircraft --> Portal --> Organizations --> Air Forces --> India
    Самолеты --> Портал --> Организации --> ВВС --> Индия
  • Indian Air Force Page

    Aircraft --> Portal --> Organizations --> Air Forces --> Poland
    Самолеты --> Портал --> Организации --> ВВС --> Польша
  • Lotnictwo Net, Polish Aviation Site.
  • Lotnictwo wojskowe.  In Polish. Photos and some information on Russian aircraft.

    Aircraft --> Portal --> Organizations --> Air Forces --> Russia
     Самолеты --> Портал --> Организации --> ВВС --> Россия
  • Aircraft of the Soviet and Russian forces  Descriptions of aircraft from before 1917 through today.
  • The Air Forces of Russia: People and Aircraft (In Russian, Win1251 fonts). Very extensive site.
  • Aviation forum, covers all aspects, including military. In Russian only
  • EDUCATION AND TRAINING OF SOVIET AIR FORCES OFFICERS. Site "currently unavailable" as of 18 September 2018
  • Global Security's Russian military information
  • Modeling the Soviet VVS.  New URL.  Some terrific drawings and photos, not to mention history.
  • Russian Air Force.  In English and Russian, a great deal of text and good photos, many of which have not been seen before.  By a former Tu-160 navigator.  More information is available on the Russian language version of his site.
  • The Russian Air Force in East Germany.  Bases, aircraft, much more.
  • The Russian Aviation Research Page
  • The Russian Navy site has a good selection of maritime aviation photos.
  • Russia's Air Force: An Institution in Painful Transition by the RAND Corportation.
  • Soviet Military Aviation -- Summary 

    Aircraft --> Portal --> Organizations --> Air Forces --> Ukraine
    Самолеты --> Портал --> Организации --> ВВС --> Украина
  • Ukrainian Air Force official site.

    Aircraft --> Portal --> Organizations --> Air Forces --> Other
    Самолеты --> Портал --> Организации --> ВВС --> Другие
  • Hungarian air force.  In Hungarian only, but is the photo page.
  • ROMANIAN AIR FORCE.  Photos, information, news, but no longer in English; Rumanian only.


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