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Background Information
This section of Roy's Resources, formerly called Roy's Russian Resources or Roy's Russian Aircraft Resouces, contains information about and/or photographs of Russian aircraft, their designers and test pilots and a large number of links to other sources of information, photos and video of Soviet/Russian aircraft.  Photos and information are added or updated whenever time can be found.  In addition, there is a an automated daily calendar of events in the history of Soviet/Russian aviation which previously had not been available anywhere in English and very possibly still is not anywhere else on the Web (I haven't looked.)

A very large number of photos was added on 14 June to the Russian aircraft section. These photos were scanned several years ago and reflect the size preferred at that time because of little storage space and low download speeds. It is hoped many of them eventually will be rescanned to a much larger size. And then on 15 June, a separate category called "walk-arounds" was added.

Non-Russian Aircraft Photos

There now are  hundreds of photos of non-Russian aircraft on the site, all taken by me.  

You may use  photos on your own system that I have taken.  You may even upload them to your own site or to newsgroups.  The only thing is, you must credit Roy Cochrun as the scanner and/or owner of the photos.  You may NOT sell them or publish them via electronic or print media for resale.   U.S. Government photos may be used in accordance with their rules.

More Interesting Aviation Stuff

  • THE RUSSIAN AVIATION PORTAL -- More links to sites, video, and information about Russian/Soviet aircraft than any other site on the Web, not counting the usual search engines.  Woefully out of date and overtaken by events.

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