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Izvestiya Reports and Interviews about KAL007 Shootdown

Includes An interview from Itogi with a diver who recovered the wreckage. 

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Руский вариант здесь

DISCLAIMER:  In January 2002, I  received some e-mail and notes regarding my so-called participation in the American Patriot Friends Network (APFN) discussion concerning an alleged cover-up of the KAL007 shootdown.  I am not in any way involved with APFN, nor do I believe that there was any U.S. cover-up associated with the shootdown of the airplane. Anyone is free to link to this page.  The appearance of a link to this page ( on the APFN site or elsewhere does not mean that I agree or disagree with their ideas, notions and/or theories.  I prefer to be left out of it. --Roy Cochrun

Several years ago, before the widespread use of the Worldwide Web, these files appeared in archived  format on a bulletin board service in Baltimore, Maryland.  There were two sets of files consisting of four series. 

The first set  was of a series of  articles written by a correspondent located in Russia from the former Soviet newspaper Izvestiya, who investigated the shootdown of KAL007 from the Soviet side. The first series of files was in Russian, and the second was a translation of those files by an unknown translator. 

The second set  was written by a U.S.-based Izvestiya correspondent.  Again, the first series was in Russian and the second in English, probably by the same translator. 

Oddly, the person who compiled the original archive mentions someone in the readme file who checked the translation , but never his/her own name, nor that of the translator.  The translator also provides explanatory footnotes in the translations. 

For several years Roy's Russian Resource has provided these files, as found on the bulletin board, in ZIP format.  To my amazement, the file has been downloaded approximately 10 times a day since I first offered it.  To my chagrin, some never read my notes which pointed out that I am not the translator, although I wish I were.  It would look good on my resume. 

The original Russian  and English versions of the files were hard to read.  Those were earlier times and software was not available to ease the situation.  Now, however, I have re-formatted the files into more readable form.  The Russian files have been converted to the more common Win 1251 format.  The English files have been reformatted to be easier to read.  Both may be read in Microsoft Word, version 6 or above.  They also may be read in Microsoft Wordpad under Windows.  In addition, they loaded up very nicely into Corel Wordperfect 8 and probably later versions. 

It should be pointed out that these articles originally appeared in Izvestiya while the first Gulf War was taking place. 

Download the KAL007 Articles

Microsoft Word/Word Pad English language translation.

Win1251 Font Russian language version for Microsoft Word or Word Pad.

Both the English and Russian language versions for MS Word or Word Pad.

The original articles as found on an electronic bulletin board (BBS) several years ago. 

In early October 2001, one of the divers who searched the wreckage of KAL007 was interviewed.  The translation is here, but not the original Russian interview. 

File created 26 September 1999.
Last update 06  January 2023.