Ohio Road Trip

Photos and photo collections, in chronological order, from your grandparents' trip to the memorial for Denice Starkes, your Great Uncle Tim's companion of 21 years.
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Along the Highway

Photos, most taken by Grandma Bert, while on the road.

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Highlights of the Trip

Highlights are shown in order visited.

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Fort Chiswell Animal Park
Meadow, VA

A 45-acre zoo in which visitors are given a guided tour in a windowless bus around the grounds to get close to the animals. For the most part, photos of the animal park are in the order taken as the tour continued.
Visited 2 June 2022.

Wytheville's Smallest Church

A parishioner had seen the nation's smallest church in Townsend, Georgia. He returned to say, "We must have one."
Visited 2 June 2022.


The capital of the state of West Virginia. Your grandparents passed through Charleston both up to Ohio and back. These photos are from both stops.

Zoar, Ohio
A National Historic Landmark

Zoar was founded in 1917 by German religious dissidents, the Society of Separatists of Zoar. They were pacifists.

Fort Laurens State Memorial
Ohio's Only Revolutionary War Fort

Ohio's only fort constructed during the American Revolution.

MAPS Air Museum
Akron-Canton Airport, Ohio

Grandpa Roy's Home until 1961

Now your Great Uncle Tim lives here.

Town Cemetery Southington, Ohio

Town cemetery in Southington, Ohio.
Grandpa Roy's parents are buried here as are some of their and and Grandpa's friends.

Nelson Ledges State Park

These rock formations were created when the prehistoric Ice Age glacier stopped in this area and deposited the stones here.
Visited 05 June 2022 with Great Uncle Tim, Aunt Kelly and Uncle Scott.

Johhny Appleseed Memorial

Located very near Dexter City, Ohio.
Visited 06 June 2022.

Ohio River Museum

Located in Marietta, Ohio.
Date visited 06 June 2022.

Muskingum Park
Marietta, Ohio

A very nice park along the Muskingum River in Marietta, Ohio.
Date visited 06 June 2022.

Marietta River Trail

Date visited 06 June 2022.

Blennerhassett Museum
Parkersburg, WV

A museum in which your grandparents were told there was no rhyme or reason to the layout of the museum... No structure. However, it was a very interesting museum.
Visited 07 June 2022.

Riverview Cemetery
Parkersburg, WV

Grandpa Roy was here to photograph the Weeping Woman of West Virginia.
Visited 07 June 2022.

Those Who Served War Museum

A really nice little museum on the second floor of the municipal building. They gave Grandpa Roy a "goodie bag" for having served. In it were thank you notes from children, a can of honey roasted peanuts, a scarf and other items.
Visited 08 June 2022.

West Virginia War Memorial
Charleston, WV

The Ramsey School
Bluefield, WV

The school was built around 1926. It features 3 full and 2 half floors, and reportedly was once featured in "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" for having entrances on seven different levels. It was closed in the 1990s.

Bluefield City Park, WV
Bluefield, WV

Grandpa Roy wanted to photograph a rare tank displayed at the entrance to the park.

Historic Bethabara Park

Near Winston-Salem, this old village was founded by Moravians in the mid-1700s.
Visited 09 June 2022.

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