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Air Force Academy

Aircraft photographed at the Academy are accessed separately.
Visited summer 1983.

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Buckley AFB, Colorado

Visited summer 1983.

Central City

It was basically an abandoned mining town then. Today it is a tourist destination, in particular for gamblers.
Visited summer of 1983.

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Copper Mountain

Location of some very, very expensive vacation homes.
Visited summer 1983.

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Cumbres & Toltec Railway

A full-day's, wonderful, scenic trip in the Rocky Mountains with a nice lunch. The trip covered 64 miles.
Summer 2019.

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Garden of the Gods

A Colorado state park Grandpa Roy always has heard of but did not know was on the route south.

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Grandma Bert Visits Her Sister

Grandma Bert flew to Denver to visit her sister in 1988. These are photos from her trip.

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Movie Manor

A motel with an unusual view.

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Rocky Mountain National Park

Grandma and Grandpa's friend, Rick Rogers drove during a wonderful tour of the best parts of the park, entering at one end and leaving at another.

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