Grandma and Grandpa spent 3 nights in Kanab. It was from here that they visited the north rim of the Grand Canyon as well as Bryce Canyon, a canyon completely different from the Grand Canyon.
DSC 0803
The letter K stands for "Kanab," the name of the town. Several other towns on the way to Kanab also had the first letter of their names in white on the side of a hill or bluff like this one. The town's museuim is the building in the lower right of the photo.
IMG 1557
Grandma Bert attended church in Kanab.
IMG 1441
Spurs Grill, where Grandma and Grandpa had an excellent, but very expensive, steak their second night in Kanab.
IMG 1430
Grandpa Roy poses near Spurs Grill.
IMG 1442
Levi Stewart was one of the founders of Kanab.
IMG 1432
In December 1870
IMG 1435
IMG 1440
Plaque at the Levi Stewart memorial.
DSC 0760
DSC 0768
Denny's Wigwam was filled with souveniers to buy, had an associated restaurant behind it and also was a place to take pictures.
DSC 0801
DSC 0786
Once upon a time, Denny and Calvin T. started a diner, motel and store.
DSC 0769
Grandma Bert poses outside the Wigwam.
DSC 0794
On the Wigwam's roof...
CSC 0809
DSC 0799
DSC 0800
DSC 0775
Behind Denny's Wigwam an Old West town had been created.
DSC 0770
DSC 0771
DSC 0773
DSC 0787
DSC 0776
Of course, Denny's name was on a lot of the places in the "town."
DSC 0778
DSC 0781
DSC 0782
DSC 0784
Across from the "town" was Calvin T's Barbecue, where Grandma and Grandpa ate their first night in Kanab.
DSC 0793
It certainly wasn't hard to find Calvin T's.
DSC 0792
SIgns advertised it all around the Wigwam.
DSC 0785
Even bears advertised Calvin T's barbecue.
DSC 0791
There was a good view of the "town" from Calvin T's.
DSC 0805
These next three photos are for those who enjoy looking at classy Indianapolis 500 pace cars.
DSC 0807
It was parked on Kanab's main street.
DSC 0806
Little Hollywood
Little Hollywood