Broken Boot Gold Mine
Date visited 28 June 2017
IMG 0241
Entrance to the mine.
IMG 0246
Noah and Grandpa Roy in mandatory hard hats waiting to enter the mine. Grandpa looks terrified for some unknown reason.
DSC 0399
The guide explains an aspect of the mine. Notice that the temperature is barely above 50 degrees.
DSC 0384
DSC 0385
DSC 0386
DSC 0387
DSC 0388
IMG 0247
DSC 0389
DSC 0390
DSC 0391
DSC 0392
DSC 0393
IMG 0250
DSC 0394
DSC 0397
The broken boot discovered deep in the mine that gave the mine its present name.
DSC 0395
A close view of the remains of the boot.
IMG 0252