Mount Rushmore
Date visited 27 June 2017
DSC 0261
A short flight of steps from the parking garage and lot takes tourists to the best views of the monument. We were there early, before the massive crowds and long lines of vehicles waiting to get in to park.
IMG 9952
Early morning and the tourists already are in the hundreds as evidenced in this photo by Grandma Bert.
DSC 0265
Grandma and Noah pose before walking along the Avenue of the Flags (behind them through the archway) to the best views of the monument and other trails.
CSC 0264
First impression of the famous monument.
IMG 9962
Avenue of the Flags. Each state and U.S. territory is represented by their flag.
IMG 9959
Regardless how many tourists there are, it is always possible to get an outstanding photo.
DSC 0267
Bust of the sculptor, Gutzon Borglum.
DSC 0269
The best views are after reaching the Grand View Terrace.
DSC 0276
A gentleman from Sri Lanka, who now lives in Sweden, too this photo of Grandma Bert, Grandpa Roy and Noah.
IMG 9973
A chipmunk that Grandma Bert photographed did not seem phased by all the human activity.
IMG 9980
Tourists take the trail to the scuptor's studio.
DSC 0279
1:12 (1 inch = 1 foot) model of the final scupture.
DSC 0281
DSC 0280
DSC 0282
DSC 0283
Model of the archival vault that was built but is not used today. It was called the "Hall of Records."
DSC 0284
DSC 0285
The model of the Hall of Records from the other side.
DSC 0286
IMG 9990
Grandpa Roy took a break while Grandma and Noah hiked the trail.
IMG 9985
Grandma Bert had this view of the monument when she and Noah hiked a rather strenuous trail behind the sculptor's studio.
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DSC 0287
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DSC 0291
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