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Last update 23 September 2012

  A major revision not only of non-Russian photos but also of Russian/Soviet aviation photos has been completed.  The whole photo section is now accessed at

The early camera was an Argus C-3.  There was a 35-mm Petrie camera after the C-3, used from about 1971 until 1981, but I do not remember the model, as it eventually was sold.  The next camera used was a Pentax ME Super starting the fall of 1981, and most photos were taken using high-speed Ektachrome film.  The camera after that was a newer Pentax, used very little and quickly replaced by a Sony digital with approximately a 2-megapixel resolution.  Today's camera is an 8-megapixel Konica Minolta digital, excellent for low-light photography in poorly lit museums, and has been in use since about 2004.

Unlike many of the Russian aircraft photos on the site, all color photos of non-Russian aircraft were taken by me, Roy Cochrun.  It is hoped some old black and white slides of USAF aircraft will be scanned and posted here in the future.  Those photos were taken by Air Force photographers and are in the public domain, as are all official U.S. Government photos.

Enjoy the photos!

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