Critter Video

Another Raccoon Defeated at the Feeders

Raccoon tries to overcome baffles to get to the bird feeders. It fails.

Deer Family Posing including a 6-point Buck.

The don't move very much. It almost looks like a still photo.

Deer Walks on 2 Legs

A deer tries to reach my feeders by raising itself up on its hind legs.

Fat Cat

A really fat cat walks across the back yard on the game camera. Is it a feral cat or someone's pet? I do not know.

Fox departing backyard near bird feeders.

Nearly missed, the fox is exiting the property to the left.

Fox in yard for about 10 seconds.

Fox leaves after 10 seconds.

If at First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again.

Squirrel repeatedly jumps to bird feeders, lands on baffle and slides off.

Look, Ma! I'm on top of the world. (Raccoon at my other feeder).

Raccoon emptying my other feeders in the middle of the night. Deer also appear in the video, "aiding and abetting."

Ouch! That Had to Hurt!

Squirrel tries jumping to bird feeders, hits baffle (hard) instead.

Raccoon at my Feeders

A midnight visitor, a raccoon, has been stealing my bird seed, meal worms and, I believe, emptying my humming bird feeder. A total of 17 clips were recorded...

Raccoon Climbs over Baffle to Bird Feeders

Raccoon climbed right up the pole, over the baffle, to the feeders.

Raccoon Finally Defeated at Bird Feeder

Finally, something that prevents the raccoons from getting to the bird feeders. He cannot get up the cylinder pole baffle (hard to see in this light, but it...

Raccoons Continue to Be Defeated by Baffles

Raccoons trying to get up the baffles to the bird feeders. They always fail.