Heroes and Martyrs in War

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2007 Veteran's Day Parade

Brunswick, Maryland.
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2018 Veteran's Day Parade

Southern Pines, North Carolina.
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American Cemetery and Normandy War Sites

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Babi Yar - Death in Ukraine

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Battle of Britain Memorial

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Black Rattlers

The Black Rattlers were the first U.S. black military unit to see combat in "The Great War." The Germans called them the "Hell Fighters."

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Black Panthers
Tank Units

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Cambridge American Memorial and Cemetery

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Family & Friend Heroes

Photos of family members and friends who have served

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Guinea Gold

A newspaper published in New Guinea during World War II for American and allied troops. Grandpa Roy has a small collection of them he received after his own grandfather, Great Great Grandpa Edgar Roy Cochrun, died.
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Korean War and Pork Chop Hill, Fox Company, 17th Regiment of the 7th Division

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Miscellaneous Photos

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Museums and Memorial Parks

These museums are dedicated to heroes and martyrs of various wars.

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Triple Nickles
The First Black Parachute Unit of WWII

Airborne & Special Operations Museum.
Fayetteville, North Carolina.

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Tuskegee Airmen

Many of the photos in this section are duplicated in the Non-Russian Aircraft section of this site.

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Wartime Reports and Other Lists

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Women in Wartime

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WWII Japanese Linguists
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