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94th Aero Squadron
College Park

A restaurant in College Park, Maryland, with some mock-ups, not real aircraft.
Visited 08 March 2008.

College Park Aviation Museum

A small collection commemorating the airfield that has been in operation longer than any other United States airfield.
Visited on 08 March 2008.

Farm Museum

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Fort McHenry

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Maritime Museum
Patuxent River

National Air & Space Museum
Paul Garber Facility
Silver Hill

Usually referred to as Silver Hill, it is where the aircraft are restored and kept until they can be put on display at the Smithsonian, either the Udvar-Hazy facility in Virginia or the main museum in Washington, D.C.
First visited in September or October 1979.

Patuxent River Naval Air Test & Evaluation Museum

Near Lexington Park, Maryland.
Visited 17 October 2009.