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Bell Rock and the Vortex
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The Sedona visit was in 2000.

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Grand Canyon from the Air
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This flight was made during the trip in 2000 to the South Rim.

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Grand Canyon North Rim
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Your grandfather actually felt the view from the north room is more beautiful, but he cannot really explain why.
23 May 2014.

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Grand Canyon South Rim
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The trip to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon was in 2000.

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Meteor Crater
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Another unplanned stop.
25 May 2014.

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Painted Desert
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The Painted Desert is vast, covering much of northeastern Arizona. This album is in two parts: what your grandparents saw during their drive to Utah and the Painted Desert on the "Petrified Forest" side of the desert.

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Petrified Forest
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The Petrified Forest National Park looks like a place where someone has cut down all of the large trees; however, on closer examination it turns out every one of them has turned to stone, agate, over the centuries.
26 May 2014.

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Sonora Desert
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Your grandparents hiked the Sonora Desert in 2000.

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