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I'm sorry, but I have retired from translation. I will, however, consider history books as long-term projects.

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In 2004, I completed the translation my first book.  It was the authors' view of World history and the title was The Medieval Empire of the Israelites.  Some errors crept into the printed copy that were not mine:  The caption to the photo on page 156, which uses the word "photographies" was changed by an editor.  The original translation read, "photography."  Some other captions also were not translated by me, nor the captions on the back cover of the book.

Since then I have translated several other books, including the  Yuri Tsyp detective novellas by Boris Shchiglik and The Jews and Their Role in our World by Vladimir Minkov, Ph.D.. 

I have been certified as a translator of Russian into English by an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense since 1981.

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Last update 10 January 2023