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Russian OCR Special Notes
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In all cases, the client will agree to the terms via e-mail or will be forwarded a contract which must be filled out, signed, and returned with payment before any service is undertaken. (Send proposals to

Once fees for the job have been determined, the client will receive an e-mail which points to the URL where he/she may chose how to pay:  securely with a credit card or by check or money order (checks must clear before any services are undertaken).


Research Fees
English-language Research
(Send proposals to
On-line Research.............$45.00 per hour 

What an hour of research time buys:  At least 1 solid hour of search (usually double that because of dead links or other reasons) for each hour paid for, a report as requested by the client, and sources (exact links) for the report. 

 I require a day for each hour of research paid for. 

 NOTICE:  As of May 2010, I am no longer in the Washington, D.C., metro area and travel fees would be in addition to those immediately below.  Please note that you are not charged the hourly research rate for travel time.  You already have paid for the travel at rates based on the prevailing U.S. Government reimbursement rates.  (See below).

Library of Congress (Per hour 
or fraction of an hour)............................
$50.00(Reasonable copy fees absorbed).
$60.00 if researching Russian-language material.
National Archives  (Per hour 
or fraction of an hour).............................
$50.00 (I absorb reasonable copy fees).
$60.00 if researching Russian-language material.
Other regional libraries and collections....Negotiable, because of transportation.

The above fees apply for reports returned by e-mail.

Travel Fees  to distant libraries and archives or to provide briefings and lectures to your class, club, group or office will include your payment of round-trip business-class airline fare  for flights over 1 hour in scheduled duration,  plus the current U.S. Government per diem rate (to be paid in advance) for the city to be visited.  High cost-of-living areas, such as New York City will require a surcharge, also to be paid in advance.  Travel fees are based on U.S. government travel rates and include mileage or air fares, per diem for meals and incidentals and the amount the government pays per day for lodging.  See the U.S. General Services Administration pages at

Lecture/Briefing Fees (in addition to Travel Fees, above)................$75.00 per hour or fraction.

Fax Fee (from me to you).......................................................$3.00 per 5 pages< or fraction thereof.  .

Postage Fees (to U.S. and Canada only).....U.S $10.00 for regular mail, includes handling, per ounce!

Send me E-mail at for rates for express delivery services that are not spelled out in the contract.  For very large, manuscript-sized orders, e-mail Roy's Resources for fees.  Postage to countries other than U.S. and Canada will be spelled out in the e-mail of costs.

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Research Fees
Russian Internet Research, Analysis and Reporting
(Address proposals to
$100.00 per hour -- Client receives a list of links (URLs) that are believed to satisfy the client's requirement.  No attempt is made to describe what specific information each link might provide.  Normally, these links will point to Russian-language sites only.

$150.00 per hour -- Client receives a list of links, as above, but with English descriptions of what is found on each site.  In addition, if any part or all of the site contains information in English, that fact will be included in the report.

$250.00 per hour -- Client receives a full report, in English, based on research and analysis on the Russian side of the Web.  Links to all sources used in the analysis and the report are included, along with descriptions of the sites where required to further aid the client. 

Additional Fees -- Full translation of any Russian language material uncovered during the research, when required by the client, will be at $.09 per word for the first 2,500 words (about 10 standard, type-written pages).  After 2,500 words it begins at the full rate of $.10 a word (of 3 or more characters). 

(Address proposals to

Russian Optical Character Scanning

Please note:  Optical character scanning (also known as optical character reading or, more commonly, OCR), frequently means that the original hard copy document must be separated into individual sheets.  Please consider that fact if it is bound and cannot be laid flat, as it cannot and will not be returned in its original state.

Please do NOT Fax documents for OCR.  Send the actual document or a clean copy instead.  Send them to:  Roy Cochrun
                                       11 Shadow Drive
                                        Whispering Pines, NC 28327

Minimum Scanning Fee..............................U.S. $75.00 edited, up to 10 pages
Minimum Scanning Fee..............................U.S. $50.00 UNedited, up to 15 pages

Cost per page after 10 pages.......................U.S. $ 1.00 edited, per page
Cost per page after 15 pages.......................U.S. $ 0.75 UNedited, per page

Conversion to Adobe Acrobat......................U.S. $25.00 per job.

Return of original document........................$25.00 (U.S. and Canada only, via regular mail).
                                                                    35.00 (Overseas via surface mail).

  • Editing includes comparison of original hardcopy text with scan and the correction of errors made in the scan.
  • All scans, regardless of editing, are returned via e-mail in Microsoft Word format unless otherwise specified by the client.

  • Special Notes Regarding Fees
    • All fees are negotiable, depending on job size and effort required.
    • All fees payable in U.S. Dollars.
    • No work is begun until fees have been paid.
    • Partial payment for return of partial work may be negotiated.
    • Allow two weeks for checks to clear.
    • All fees are subject to revision without prior notice.
    • Once a job has been negotiated and agreed to, fees will not be changed for that job.


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