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The term Russification once meant adopting the Russian language or some other Russian attribute by non-Russian communities.  (Source:  Wikipedia.)  In the computer age, it means to be able to view and type in Russian on one's computer, including the abilities to read Web pages, send and receive e-mail, translate Russian documents into English and vice versa, and more.

This site once provided information on how to view Cyrillic in the different operating systems, but the last update was for Windows 98.  Because of the advances in software, plus the huge number of other sites providing similar information, please use the links below if you cannot view Cyrillic on your PC or MAC.  Sadly, some of these sites have not been updated for a long time either. Good luck!




If a font you download does not show up after you install it in Windows XP (and, I suppose, Vista), do this:  Open Control Panel and click on "Fonts."  Right click on the font you just installed and click "Properties."  Near the bottom of that window (in Windows XP, at least) it will tell you it may not be safe.  Click the box to allow you to use it.  It should appear now in Word or other software applications.

Keyboard Drivers

  • Cyrillic-English Keyboard Driver. Must be paid for. Quite frankly, I have no idea why someone would pay for a driver today (2018).

  • Fingertip Software. Fingertip Software is no longer in business, but you still can download their programs if you need to re-install them.  You must already have the code to reactivate them.

  • Janko's Keyboard Generator.  This program generates .KBD files for Windows 95, 98 and ME.  It is now in the public domain and free.

  • Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator.  Design your own keyboard layout.  This is the program I use. It allows users to place letters anywhere on the keyboard if they don't like the "fonetic" or "Russian" layouts. Be certain to read the directions, other wise you will go nuts installing the layout.

  • Microsoft Language Bar Supporting Information. It explains how to enable your keyboard for different languages. I use their Language Bar, shifting between Latin and Cyrillic, not just Microsoft Office programs, in any application very easily. Used with the creator program immediately above.

  • Russify MS DOS. If you must...

  • Russify Your PC
  • SofTecDesign Cyrillic-English Keyboard Driver.  Free to try, $22.00 to buy.

  • Winsite. This site offers a number of downloads as well as patches for Microsoft problems.

Other Software

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