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Research services for you -- the information, data, intelligence, or news you seek from the Library of Congress, the National Archives, and other knowledge repositories, as well as the Internet.  Let someone with over 35 years as a researcher and analyst for the U.S. Government fulfill your library, archival or WWW information research requirements. The vast Russian-language portion of the Worldwide Web is a specialty.
Please note:  As of May 2010, I no longer am in the Washington, D.C., metro area.  While I am very willing to travel there to engage in research for you, it is expensive (see fees regarding travel discussed elsewhere on this site).

E-mail your proposal to

While most researchers hunt for your data only on the English language portion of the Worldwide Web (WWW), now you can get it from the Russian-language side of the Web, too.  The vast paper resources of the Library of Congress, the National Archives, and many other information repositories you personally cannot visit yourself or find time to explore may be searched, too.

Not only will you have the information you are seeking but, if you wish, it  can  be analyzed and reports written for you.  You can even have information in database format, where appropriate.

Just about every other research service that  mines data on the Web looks for marketing or sales opportunities.  Roy's Resources is for those other databases, histories, chronicles, or accounts that you need for whatever purpose:  report for your job; background for a novel; databases for analysis; analysis of historic events; resources for undergraduate or postgraduate research; and more.

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E-mail your proposal to for the Web, library,  archive or other repository research services, analysis, or reports that you require. If it's there, it will be found! 

Your privacy remains protected.  Please take a look at Roy's Resource's privacy statement.

While all fees are negotiable, the minimum fee for any English-language search is $45.00. 

The minimum fee for any Russian-Language search is $100.00, which returns only a list of links to Russian Web sites.   Full reports based on Russian-language Web research begin at $250.00 an hour. For an idea of all fees, please see the fees page.

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Just a few research specialties, in alphabetic order:

  • Aircraft design, history, performance, usage, and aviation in general:  pilots, designers, organizations, companies.
  • Arms control history, issues, techniques.
  • Biographies of obscure persons.
  • Calendars of events, both related and unrelated.
  • General school topics (e.g.:  geography, history, reading, etc.)
  • Health and medicine for the generalist.
  • History, even minor points, especially of the 20th century.
  • Industry, manufacturing.
  • Issues, both sides.  But see the rules and exceptions, below, regarding conspiracies).
  • Language and linguistics issues.
  • Politics.
  • Russian culture, history, industry, language, life, military affairs, politics, et al.
  • Russian-language Web sites.
  • Transportation
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What you receive, at your option and depending on fees paid:

  • Bibliographies. (Least expensive)
  • Briefings and lectures to you, your class, club, group or office. (Most expensive)
  • Copies of documents via fax, e-mail, or the postal service.
  • Floppy disks or CD-ROM discs filled with data and/or graphics.
  • Lists of WWW links where you can read the best answers to your questions.
  • Photographs via the postal service, via e-mail or on disk.
  • Reports with conclusions, where required, based on research and analysis of your requested information. (Moderately expensive)
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Examples of Previously Researched Topics

National Archives

  • Russian list (in English) of 1,056 U.S. and allied aircraft shot down during the Korean war.
  • Usage of U.S. railroads in transporting early aircraft.
  • Stanley Kubrick and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Nixon National Security Decision Memoranda
  • U.S. Missile Sites in West Germany
  • Andrei Tupolev's Visits to the United States
  • Soviet Manned Space Flight
  • The Design, Construction, Service and Disposition of the Yak-50 Aerobatic Sports Airplane
  • The Yak-18T Airplane
  • Aerodynamics of the MiG-17 Fighter
  • Motivating U.S. Students to Study French
  • Russian involvement in Eritrean-Ethiopian Conflict
  • "War stories" of Russian pilots who flew during the Korean War
  • Internet Resources (Compilations of the best links on the Web)
  • Aviation (Worldwide Designers, Manufactures, Users)
  • Computer Science
  • Foreign Languages
  • Russia
  • Y2K
  • Soviet Manned Space Flight

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Rules and Exceptions

As with every service, there are rules and exceptions:

  1. You must agree to the terms regarding content and quality of any research made at your request.
  2. The right to refuse to do any project is reserved.
  3. No information on the design or building of explosive devices will be provided.
  4. No research into any on-going or open investigations. (For example, NO research about the JonBenet Ramsey case).
  5. No missing persons. (I am not a private investigator).
  6. No family trees. (I will, however, seek out information on any one individual in your family tree using the resources of the Worldwide Web and libraries).
  7. No research to aid in the proof of nor to discount conspiracy theories. (For example, while you may receive as much historic, published and official information as is available to the public about the JFK assassination, there will be no attempt to search for anything that either supports or discounts the many conspiracy theories surrounding that tragic act).
  8. No lists of ship's crews.  There are other researchers who specialize in that topic. (I would, however, research a ship's history).
  9. No market surveys.
  10. No doomsday predictions.
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Terms of Service

Within the scope of your query, Roy Cochrun will be held blameless in the event the response does not satisfy you.  While every effort is made to provide the precise answer it is understood that you require, it is agreed that your question is not a test.  It is an attempt to uncover information that you need for whatever purpose.  The answer you want and the answer provided may not be the same thing because the available facts or data do not support it.  Roy's Research Resource and Roy Cochrun cannot be held liable for that disparity. 

How you use the information after it is provided is up to you.  Neither Roy's Research Resource  nor Roy Cochrun can be held liable for any consequences in the use of this information. 

You may agree to these terms via e-mail.  Under some circumstances, you must print out, sign and return via fax or mail a contract that you will receive via e-mail.  No work will be undertaken until these terms are agreed to.

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