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Key Personnel

(Appointed by U.S. Secretary of Defense, with concurrence of U.S. Secretary of State, and approval of the President)

Brigadier General Roland Lajoie, USA Feb 88 - Jan 91
(Major General at the time of his departure)

Brigadier General Robert W. Parker, USAF Jan 91 - Jul 93
(Major General in March 1991)

Brigadier General Gregory G. Govan, USA Jul 93 -


(Appointed by Director, U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency)

Mr. George Rueckert Feb 88 - Sep 88

Dr. Edward J. Lacey Sep 88 - Jan 90

Dr. Joerg H. Menzel Jan 90 -


(Appointed by U.S. Secretary of State)

The position originated as Deputy Director (International Negotiations) with the establishment of OSIA in 1988. In September 1991, the office was renamed Deputy Director (International Affairs), and in March 1992, was renamed Deputy Director (External Affairs).

Mr. Raymond Smith Feb 88-Jul 88

Mr. David A. Pabst Jul88- Sep91

Dr. Edward M. Ifft Sep 91 -


(Appointed by Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Mr. Edward J. Curran Mar 88 - Oct 90

Mr. Frank LoTurco Oct 90 - Dec 94

Mr. Martin V HaTe Dec 94 -


Colonel Albert Hervey, USA Feb 88 - Mar 88

Lt Col Albert E. Shively, USMC Mar 88 - Sep 88

Colonel Robert McConnell, USAF Oct 88 - Nov 89

Colonel Douglas M. Englund, USA Nov 89- May 91

Colonel James S. Loftus, Jr., USA May 91 - May 92

Colonel Ronald P. Forest, USA May 92 - Feb 93

Colonel Brian P. Mullady, USA Feb 93- Sep 94

Colonel Paul H. Nelson, USA Sep 94 -


One of the original directorates of the Agency when it was established in 1988. March 30, 1992, the directorate was dissolved and its functions split into Inspection Operations, Monitoring Operations, European Operations, and the Directorate of Plans, Operations, and Training.
Colonel Robert B. McConnell, USAF Feb 88 - Oct 88

Colonel Ronald Forest, USA Oct 88 - Mar 92


In the original 1988 organizational structure of the Agency, escort duties were conducted by the Escort Division of the Directorate for Operations. In the March 1992 reorganization of the OSIA, the division was dissolved and escort responsibility passed to the newly created Inspection Operations Command.
Colonel Ronald P. Forest, USA Feb 88 - Oct 88

Colonel Gerald V. West, USAF Oct 88 - Mar 92


Originally established in 1988 as a subordinate element under the Operations Directorate, called the Inspection Division. On March 30, 1992, it was separated from the dissolved Operations Directorate and renamed Inspection Operations, with status as a command.
Colonel Serge A. Chernay, USAF Feb 88 - Apr 88

Captain David F. Olsen, USN May 88- Apr 90

Colonel Nils Wurzburger, USAF Apr 90 - Sep 90

Captain John C. Williams, USN Sep 90 - Mar 92

Colonel John Hadley, Jr., USAF Mar 92 - Dec 93

Colonel Eugene A. McKenzie, Jr., USA Dec 93 - Jul 94

Captain Nicklous J. Ross, USN Jul 94 -


Originated in 1988 as the Field Office, Europe, it was later designated as the European Division of the Operations Directorate; on December 1, 1990, made a stand-alone directorate and redesignated as OSIA-Europe; and on March 9, 1992, redesignated as European Operations with the status of a separate command.
Colonel John Fer, USAF Apr 88 - Jun 90

Colonel Frederick E. Grosick, USAF Jun 90 - Oct 91

Colonel Lawrence G. Kelley, USMC Oct 91 - Jan 92

Colonel William R. Smith, USAF Jan 92 - Jan 95

Colonel Kenneth D. Guillory, USA Jan 95 -


Formed as a separate directorate called the Portal Monitoring Directorate in 1988, on December 11, 1990, the directorate was made subordinate to the Operations Directorate and redesignated as the Portal Monitoring Division; then on March 23, 1992, was given status as a command; redesignated as Monitoring Operations, and separated from the former Operations Directorate.Colonel Douglas M. Englund, USA Feb 88- Oct 89

Colonel George Connell, USMC Oct 89 - Sep 90

Colonel Laurence K. Burgess, USMC Sep 90 - Dec 91

Colonel Mike Semenec, USA Dec 91 - Apr 94

Colonel Klaus M. Mullinex, USA Apr 94 -


Originated in 1988 as the Scheduling, Plans, Analysis, and Training Division under the Operations Directorate. Replaced in July 1989 by the Operations Management Division, remaining under the Operations Directorate. Replaced by an organization called the Director for Operations Staff by December 1990. In early 1991, the Director for Operations Staff dissolved, with the Current Operations Branch; Operations Center; Plans, Requirements & Scheduling Branch; Analysis Branch; and the Training Branch functioning as separate staff offices. These and other functions reorganized under the Directorate of Plans, Operations, and Training, which was formed as a separate directorate on March 30, 1992.
Colonel Frederick E. Grosick, USAF Mar 92 - Feb 94

Colonel Gary F. Heuser, USA Feb 94 -


Established as one of the original directorates of OSIA in 1988, with the designation of the Directorate for Support; on March 9, 1992, it was redesignated as the Directorate of Logistics; and on February 18, 1993, it was redesignated as the Directorate of Resource Management.
Colonel Stephen A. Huff, USAF Aug 88- Aug 92

Mrs. Lidia Davidson Aug 92- May 94

Colonel Alan D. Duff, USAF May 94-


When the OSIA was established in February 1988, financial services were provided by personnel on temporary duty from other DOD agencies, with the OSIA funding administered by the Defense Nuclear Agency. In June 1988, permanent OSIA financial positions were created, with a Comptroller Office placed under the Resource Management Division, which became part of the Directorate for Support in August 1988. The Comptroller function operated as a liaison with DNA financial managers until 1990, when the OSIA gained control over its own budget. With this, the Comptroller Division was established, gaining coequal status with Resource Management as a division of the Directorate for Support. The role of Acting Comptroller was shared by various individuals until June 1991, when the first official Comptroller was hired. On March 9, 1992, the Office of the Comptroller left the Directorate for Support and was elevated in status as a separate directorate.
Major Leon W. Hutton, III, USA Feb 89 - Dec 90

Mr. Myron K. Kunka Jun 91 -

Operating Locations

Headquarters, OSIA - Dulles International Airport, Washington D.C.
Inspection Operations Detachment San Francisco - Travis AEB, California

Magna Portal Monitoring Facility - Magna, Utah

Nevada Test Site Liaison Office, DOE Operations Center - Las Vegas, Nevada

European Operations - Rhein Main AB, Germany

Inspection Operations Detachment Japan - Yokota AB, Japan

Votkinsk Portal Monitoring Facility - Votkinsk, Russia

Arms Control Implementation Unit - U.S. Embassy, Moscow, Russia

Arms Control Implementation Unit U.S. Embassy, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Arms Control Implementation Unit - U.S. Embassy, Kiev, Ukraine

Arms Control Implementation Unit - U.S. Embassy, Minsk, Belarus

OSIA Headquarters at Dulles International Airport, Washington, DC

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