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Roy's Resources offers affordable Optical Character Scanning (better known as OCR, or Optical Character Reading) of Russian (Cyrillic) documents.  This service gives you the capability to get those Russian-language documents, aids, and typed letters digitized for computer use.  Documents with mixed Russian and English also are welcome. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Handwriting (cursive) cannot be read using the present software.

There are two OCR services:

  • The basic service costs only U.S. $15.00  for up to 15 pages, but the resultant file is not edited for errors in OCR processing. Additional pages are 25 cents each.  So, for example, 3 pages costs the minimum of U.S. $10.00, while 18 pages (3 pages above 15) costs U.S. $10.75.

  • The edited service costs only $25.00 for up to 10 pages, and scans are reviewed for accuracy, with changes made to the electronic text where required. Additional edited pages are scanned at $3.00 each.  So, 1 page would cost the minimum of U.S. $20.00, but 11 pages would cost only U.S. $23.00.

  • Pages are 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches or smaller.  Larger pages will be charged as more than one page, depending on the number of scans required to reproduce all the text. 

  • The software is over 98 percent accurate on most Cyrillic texts; tables also can be scanned with the same reliability.

  • In addition, clients may send images of their typed/printed documents for conversion to Cyrillic.  These images ideally should be scanned at 300 dots per inch in black and white only.

All scans, regardless of editing, are returned via e-mail in Microsoft Word. 

Documents also can be returned in Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Wordpad, or Corel WordPerfect 8.  There is a U.S. $5.00 conversion fee for documents returned in Adobe Acrobat or Corel WordPerfect 8 format.

PLEASE NOTE:  OCR frequently means that the original hard copy document must be separated into individual sheets.  Please consider that fact if the document is bound and cannot be laid flat, as it cannot and will not be returned in its original state.  It will be cut apart into individual pages.

NOTICE:  You must include a signed statement agreeing that Roy F. Cochrun can cut apart bound pages and that you understand that they will not be rebound, but will be returned to you at the prevailing rate as loose, individual pages. You may, at your option, add that it is okay to destroy the originals once the scan has been made and received by you. 

For safety, a copy of all scans is maintained by Roy's Resources for 1 year from date of e-mail return to you.

Please do NOT Fax documents for OCR.  Mail or courier the actual document or a clean copy instead. Specify Basic or Edited Service.  Send to: 

Roy Cochrun
11 Shadow Drive
Whispering Pines, NC 28327
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