Grandma Bert and Grandpa Roy went to Mexico in early January 2004. Grandma was treating Grandpa for his 60th birthday! They had a great time while they were there: the weather was so nice, the people so friendly, the food so good and plentiful (most important for Grandpa) and the pace so relaxing. These photos show the resort, which is called Xpu-Ha (pronounced "IKSH-Pooh-Hah") and is located in a nature park, which means there was jungle all around, it sometimes rained for a while, and there were plenty of animals, birds and plants to see.

While in Mexico, Grandma and Grandpa took two excursions: The first lasted all day and was to the Mayan ruins at Chichen-Itsa. The second trip lasted half a day and was to the Mayan ruins at Coba. Grandpa finally scanned the photos from both places in June 2012. They are here as well.