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The advent and popularity of YouTube have made the original pages obsolete, so they shall no longer be maintained.

There are many ways to search for Russian/Soviet aircraft video on YouTube. The results can be pretty amazing and include such things as feature-length films in Russian, histories and reports in Russian or English, pilot instructions and much more. For example, a search for MiG-21 on YouTube yields hundreds of hits in different languages.

Those who have Cyrillic capabilities on their computer can search in Russian with great success. What follows are links for searches on the names of the major design bureaus in Russian (Cyrillic). The links should work in all browsers.

Antonov OKB Beriev OKB Ilyushin Kamov Mikoyan OKB
Lavochkin Mil Myasishchev Petlyakov Polikarpov
Sukhoy Tupolev Yakovlev

And for those interested in Russian video of particular aircraft, here are the links for videos of a few of the more significant today:

An-225 Mriya MiG-29 Fulcrum MiG-35 PAK-FA/T-50 Su-27 Flanker

Finally, here are links to a few special topic videos in Russian:

Accidents Aircraft Testing Bomber Histories Fighter Histories 


Last update 16 January 2023