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Komsomol'sk-on-Amur Aviation Production Unit
Factory History

This reconstructed page originally appeared at he dead link It was reconstructed by the APORT search engine.  It is translated here so that the information is not lost.  There were no sources provided for the information in the reconstruction and Roy's Resources is not responsible for its accuracy.  All designators were typed in English, and some grammatical constructions and word usage indicate that the page was translated to Russian from another language, possibly even English.  Reference to "flight" in the chronology below probably means "first flight."

18 July 1934 - Laying of first stone for the construction of the factory.  This date is considered the factory's birth day.

1 May 1936 - Tupolev R-6 is produced, reconnaissance aircraft (ANT-7) and aerial bomber.

1938-41 - DB-3 bombers and their modifications were built.

18 July 1942 - Factory is awared the Order of Lenin.

1941-45 - Il-4 bomber production (a derivitive of the DB-3F).  More than 2,700 Il-4 were built.

1947-50 - Li-2 (PS-84) produced.

1950-58 - MiG-15bis jet fighters are built.

1951 - Series production of MiG-17 aircraft is started.

1953 - Series production of MiG-17F aircraft is started.

1954 - More than 2,000 MiG-17 fighters and their modifications are built.

1956 - Development of the Sukhoy Su-7 is launched.

1958 - Flight of the Sukhoy Su-7B fighter bomber.

1963 - Flight of the Sukhoy Su-7BM fighter bomber.

1964 - Production of the Sukhoy Su-7BM fighter bomber is started.

1965 - Flight of the Sukhoy-7U combat trainer.

1966 - Flight of the Su-7BKL (Wheels/skis -- KOLESO/LYZHA) fighter bomber.

1969 - Flight of the Sukhoy Su-17 fighter with variable geometry wing.

18 January 1971 - The factory is awarded the Order of the October Revolution.

1972 - Flight of the Sukhoy Su-17M, the Su-20 fighter bomber.

1974 - Flight of the Sukhoy Su-17M2 fighter bomber.

1975 - FLight of the Sukhoy Su-17U/UM fighter bomber.

1976 - Flight of the Sukhoy Su-17M3, Su-22, and Su-22U fighter bombers.

1977 - Flight of the Sukhoy Su-22M fighter bomber.

1978 - flight of the Sukhoy Su-17UM3, Su-22UM3 fighter bomber.

1979 - Production of the first pre-series Sukhoy Su-27 fighters.

1980 - Flight of the Sukhoy Su-17M4, Su-22m4 fighter bombers.

2 June 1982 - Flight of the sukhoy Su-27.

1984 - First delivery of the Sukhoy Su-27 to the Russian air force.

1985 - Production of the Sukhoy Su-27UB twin-place fighter.

17 August 1989 - Flight of the Sukhoy Su-27K (production Su-33 carrier-born fighter).

1992 - First delivery of the Sukhoy Su-27SK to the air force.

1 April 1992 - Flight of the Sukhoy Su-27M (Su-35).

1996 - First delivery of the Sukhoy Su-27M (Su-35) universal ((multirole??)) fighter to the Russian air force.

15 July 1997, Flight of the amphibious beriev Be-103.

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