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Linking Policy
  • Anyone who wishes may link to any part of this Web site (Roy's Resources); however, reciprocal links may not always be made.
  • I will not link to sites that have no relation to the main topics published on this site.
  • I will not link to translation agencies.
  • I will not link to private language schools unless the only language they teach is Russian.
  • I will not link to other freelance translators in any language.
  • I will not link to sites where one has to search for the relevance to this site (Aircraft photos, aviation, Russian language.)
  • If you don't have a page that is relevant to this site to which I can link directly, don't ask.
  • I will not link to other aviation sites unless I can link directly to a page related to Russian/Soviet aviation.
  • If I do link to your site, I will use my words to describe it, not yours. Under no circumstances will I link to so-called link farms (you know who you are.)
Last update 11 January 2023