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As long as you can view Cyrillic in your Web browser, you can use these sites.  Each search tool linked  below should open in a new window while keeping this page available to you.  These tools accept English as well as Russian, although a Russian query gives better results.   If you cannot type in Cyrillic in your browser, but it is Java Script capable, the Rusklaviatura site has two neat pages to help "type" a Russian query.  Key in the query you will make in the search tool, one letter at a time.  Then, highlight the word or words, copy, and paste into the search box of the Russian search tool.   Hit the "search" button and you are on your way.  Again,  both of these links open in a new window as well,  while keeping this page available to you. 

Browsers cost nothing.  If you cannot view Cyrillic with only a few clicks of the mouse in your old browser, you should download and install a new one.  Try in particular Firefox or Microsoft Edge.  Another to try includes, but is not limited to, Opera.  For information about typing in Cyrillic or viewing Cyrillic in older browsers, please see the "Russification" page.

The Primary Russian Search Tools

Other Search Tools

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