New Orleans

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Bridge to the City

Your grandparents thought they had used the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, the longest bridge in the world over water, until Grandpa did some rearch. It seemed so long only because it crossed over (above) two national wildlife preserves, the Big Branch Marsh on the eastern side and the Bayou Savage on the western side. Still, it took about 20 minutes to cross.

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Canal Street

The annual Mardi Gras parade is held on Canal Street. The streets in the French Quarter are too narrow.

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City Park Art Museum

Canal Street streetcar to City Park, location of the Art Museum and a hot, humid walk among the statuary

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City Tour

A 2-hour city tour of New Orleans with Cajun Encounters

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French Quarter

Includes Jackson Square, the French Market and restaurants visited

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Mardi Gras World

Floats and/or their decorations mostly are built at Mardi Gras World for the annual parade.

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Including Woldenberg Riverfront Park.

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St. Charles Avenue Streetcar

For 40 cents each, your grandparents enjoyed a ride lasting about 50 minutes out and back.

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St. Louis Cemetery
Return to cemeteries.

Part of the tour with Cajun Encounters.

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Street Scenes

Miscellaneous New Orleans photos that fit no particular category

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