This album includes photos from when Grandpa Roy was in the Air Force in the early 1960s and the mid-1970s as well as various trips since then.
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1962 to 1964

Grandpa Roy was stationed in England twice. The first time was from November 1962 until January 1964 when he left for Turkey. These photos are from that first assignment there.

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1976 Trip

Grandpa Roy's parents, your Great Grandma Teenie and your Great Grandpa Chase, came to visit him when he was in the Air Force and stationed in England. They took this road trip. Sites visited are in alphabetic order.

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2015 Trip

Your grandparents spent several nights in England after their trans-Atlantic cruise in 2015.
Photo albums are in alphabetic order, not in order visited.

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Aircraft Museums, Shows & Airfields

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Cambridge American Memorial and Cemetery

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Grandpa Roy believes he took these photos during a trip to England to attend a conference in 1984.

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Dunstable Downs

Located not too far from Whipsnade Zoo, this area was frequented by fools flying from hang gliders because of good updrafts.

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English Channel

Grandpa Roy crossed the English Channel by ferry several times during his Air Force career. These photos are from one of those crossings.

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Grandpa Roy lived in the village of Harlington from 1974 to 1977 while he was in the Air Force. These photos are from that time.

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Sometime about 1975 Grandpa Roy attended a medieval jousting match in England.

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Knebworth House & Its Gargoyles

Visited by Grandpa Roy when he was stationed in England in the mid-1970s. Grandpa Roy wanted to photograph the gargoyles.

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Lincoln is a cathedral city in the East Midlands of England.

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Miscellaneous Photos

Other locations.

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Whipsnade Zoo

Grandpa Roy visits Whipsnade Zoo, known then for open areas for the animals and Wallabies roaming around free.

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