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Old Warden Flight

Grandpa Roy won a flight in a light aircraft in a Shuttleworth Vintage Aircraft Society drawing in 1974. The pilot said the airplane was not yet flightworthy so would it be okay to fly some day later. Later because Grandpa's last Sunday show there in 1977 when he and Aunt Terri, then about 7 years old, took the flight. These are the photos from that 1977 flight a little 3 passenger airplane.

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Shuttleworth Collection

For photos during Old Warden flying days, see Shuttleworth Veteran Aeroplane Society in the Shows/Open Houses folder.
Visited several times during Grandpa Roy's service in Britain: 1974-1977.

Shuttleworth Flying Days

Grandpa Roy was a member of the Shuttleworth Veteran Aeroplane Society (SVAS) while was stationed in Britain. He attended a large number of the summer shows at the Aerodrome. These photos are the aircraft he photographed during those shows between summer 1974 and late summer 1977.