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Please review the extensive listing below to reassure yourself of my capabilities.
Dictionaries Education and Certifications
Hardware Configuration Office Hours
Professionalism Software Capabilities
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  • Education and Certifications
    • Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages, University of Maryland, 1980
      • 1961-1962, Defense Language Institute, Syracuse University
      • 1965-1966, Defense Language Institute, Syracuse University
      • 1969-1970, Defense Language Institute, Presidio of Monterey, California
    • 1981, Certified as a professional translator into English by an agency of the Federal Government.
    • 50+ years in Russian to English translation, the last 11 free-lance.
    • 21 years government service performing tranlation, research and analysis (last 4 years of active duty plus subsequent Civil Service career).
    • 17 months performing Internet research under contract with Lockheed-Martin Corporation.
  • Hardware configuration:
    • Dell XPS Desktop  with Windows 10 64-bit operating system.
    • CD Burners 
    • Epson XP-800 All-in-One Printer, scanner, copier
    • Uninterruptable power supply
  • Software configuration
    • Full Cyrillic (Russian-language) capability:
      • On-line viewing
      • Searching
      • Typing and printing
      • OCR
    • Microsoft Office XP (2002)
    • Microsoft Word 2002
    • Copernic 2000 Professional, "the intelligent search agent"
    • Abbyy FineReader Professional 8.0 OCR
    • Adobe Acrobat Writer 8.1

    • Computer-based Russian/English dictionaries
      • Polyglossum (with 20 topical dictionaries)
      • Lingvo32 (with over 20 topical dictionaries)
      • Alphabyte
      • Multilex 2.0
      • Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language
      • Additional access to dozens of on-line specialty dictionaries
    • Cyrill and Methodius "Great Encyclopedia 7-CD set in Russian
  • Approximately 200 regular (paper/hard bound) dictionaries (with a concentration on colloquial speech, arms control and aerospace)
    • Numerous Russian-English, English-Russian and/or Russian-Russian generalist and specialist dictionaries
    • Numerous generalist and specialist English-only dictionaries
    • A number of dictionaries in other languages that translate to or from Russian

  • Other Information
    • Extensive knowledge of the Russian-Language side of the Web
    • United States Air Force, Retired - 1981
    • U.S. Civil Service, Retired - 1999
    • Life Member, Air Force Association
    • References available on request

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Last update 10 January 2023

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