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Auto & Technik Museum

Sinsheim, Germany. A true "Man's Museum," it even had a complete display of Stihl chainsaws
Visited August or early September 1995.

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Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Rockcliffe Airport, Ottawa.

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Canadian Warplanes Heritage Museum

Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada.
Visited in or before September 2003 for the second time.

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Central Australian Aviation Museum

Northern Territory, Australia.
Visited about August 1984.

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Central Air Force Museum, Monino
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These photos are from various sources, in particular from Rainer Niedree of Germany who provided a large number of Monino slides to me in the mid 1970s.

Central Museum Moscow of the Armed Forces, Moscow, Russia
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Visited on 17 October 2012

Former Royal Air Force Base Duxford Museum

Duxford Collection
Many of the aircraft from the London museum have been moved to Duxford.

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Historic Aircraft Museum

Southend-on-Sea, Essex. This museum closed March 1983
Visited in summer 1975.

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Imperial War Museum

The 1974-1977 photos were taken before the Imperial War Museum assumed control of RAF Duxford. Before that it was shared by several different organizations, all fighting for ultimate control. The Imperial War Museum's acquisition of Duxford probably was the best thing that happened to the facility.

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Midland, England

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Mosquito Aircraft Museum

Visited in 1976

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Musée de l'Air, Paris, France

Paris, France. The museum moved from Chalais Meudon to Le Bourget airport in 1975.

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North East Aircraft Museum

These 1976 photos were taken just as the museum was starting up. The aircraft still had not been moved to their permanent home.

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Royal Air Force Cardington Museum

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Royal Air Force Cosford Museum

Visited in 1976.

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Royal Air Force Hendon Museum
The main RAF museum.

London (Hendon), England. The aircraft in the photos from the 1970s, for the most part, are different than those in the 1984 album.

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Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum

Yeovilton, England.
Visited July 1976.

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Science Museum

South Kensington, London
Visted in 1975 or 1976.

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Shuttleworth Collection

Old Warden, England. For photos during Old Warden flying days, see Shuttleworth Veteran Aeroplane Society in the Shows/Open Houses folder.
Visited several times during my service in Britain: 1974-1977.

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Strathallan Aircraft Collection

Sadly, the Strathallan Aircraft Collection closed in 1990. There had been a show 4 days before my visit according to my notes. Research shows it was held on Saturday 17 July.
Visited on or about 21 July 1976.

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Unidentified Czech Museum

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