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(BUT not limited to)

  • Aviation and space
  • Economics, Geography, and Politics
  • Education
  • Handwritten, personal correspondence
  • History
  • Military Activities and Affairs
  • Science and Technology, especially aviation and space

  • (Please, no poetry.  I don't even understand it in English).
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Russian to English:  8 U.S. cents per word, negotiable.  The price per word drops for larger jobs.

Minimum fee:  $5.00 per job

You will receive an e-mail which states the total fee for your job and provides you a link to payment options, including secure credit card and check or money order payments.

Please see the summary of all fees.

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Payment is due before translation is returned.  You will receive an e-mail which gives the total fee for your job and provides a link to payment options.

You may pay by credit card through the secure server or you may send a money order made payable to "Roy Cochrun."  Checks are okay, made payable to "Roy Cochrun," but you must allow 2 weeks for them to clear before the translation is returned.  If the translation is to be returned by mail, add U.S. $8.00 for postage and handling.  If it is to be returned by fax, add $1.00 for every five original-language pages.  Please see the fees page for details.  

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 If you agree to the words of the sample contract via e-mail, work may begin immediately on receipt of payment.  The contract spells out the conditions under which the translation is rendered in the event of a questionable translation. It also provides for your privacy. A sample contract is available.  If you prefer, I will e-mail a contract to you, which you may sign and return via fax or U.S. mail.

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 Russian words are counted manually or with Microsoft Word's "Word Count" tool, counting all words of three or more letters, and counting each word of any expanded acronyms or abbreviation.  (All acronyms and abbreviations will be translated in full, where possible.)  For  documents of three or more full pages, an average count is made of the first two pages and all full pages are charged the same, at a lower rate.  We will discuss these longer documents to your satisfaction!

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 It is highly recommended that visitors to Russian-language sites be offered a choice of both Win 1251 and KOI-8 fonts.  Pages can be converted from any code you are using to KOI-8 and/or Win 1251 Cyrillic font at a cost of $5.00 per page. A page is considered to be 48 lines long (including any blank lines) with 80 characters per line (including spaces), or any fraction thereof in a 12-point Win 1251 Kurier font.  To clarify: If there is one 7-character word or any number (regardless of number of digits) that goes on to line 49 in Word-Perfect 8 or Word 97, there would be an additional charge for the conversion of another $5.00.

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Please E-mail if you intend to fax me.  I will reply with the number and time you may send the fax.  The fax machine is no longer connected because of repeated Spamming by unscrupulous advertisers. 

E-mail proposals to

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