The Mine
DSC 0900
Notice how low to the ground the tug engine is.
IMG 1565
IMG 1566
The tour guide.
DSC 0872
Looking back toward the entrance to the mine.
IMG 1567
Going deep inside.
DSC 0873
Standing up was not a good idea.
DSC 0874
DSC 0875
Hand-dug coal would be put into a car by one miner. He was paid for how much he loaded.
DSC 0876
Sometimes miners cheated and put their identification tag on the car. Miners figured out how to stop that from happening by putting their marker in the bottom of the car.
DSC 0877
Lantern demonstration.
DSC 0879-01
IMG 1571
DSC 0885
Rock Dusting is the practice of applying inert rock dust to the roof, ribs and floor of the mine to render accumulations of coal dust incombustible. Source: Strata Worldwide
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IMG 1575
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DSC 0888
The guide discusses items miners used to bring their lunches with them into the mine.
DSC 0889
On exiting the mine. It is inspected each day before tourists are allowed in.
IMG 1580
Exiting the mine.