DSC 0380
The boardwalk in Virginia Beach actually is all concrete.
DSC 0377
The Norwegian Lady.
DSC 0376
Plaque discusses who sent the statue.
DSC 0378
The wreck of the Dictator and the Norwegian Lady.
DSC 0382
Grandma Bert poses on the boardwalk. It was cold!
DSC 0379
The wirey looking structures were Christmas lights. Sadly, they were never turned on when your grandparents were in Virginia Beach from 2 through 7 January.
DSC 0383
A hermit crab shell.
DSC 0385
Grandma Bert poses with the hermit crab shell. Pretty big, isn't it?
DSC 0387
DSC 0386
The Peace Pole.
DSC 0388
Another view of the Peace Pole.
DSC 0389
The Peace Pole with the Atlantic Ocean in the background.
DSC 0390
Grandpa Roy tried to capture the "12 Lords A-leaping" lights.
DSC 0391
Colorful fish seen from the boardwalk.
DSC 0411
The fish looking toward the boardwalk.
DSC 0392
Pony rides for children. Not today, it was too cold!
DSC 0393
King Neptune.
DSC 0394
A closer view of King Neptune.
DSC 0396
King Neptune towers over Grandma Bert.
DSC 0397
Christmas tree at Neptune's Park.
DSC 0398
The stage at Neptune's Park.
DSC 0404
Memorial to policemen killed in the line of duty.
DSC 0403
DSC 0405
DSC 0406
DSC 0408
DSC 0407
DSC 0452
Two of our grandsons, Aaron and Noah, who never wear the right clothes in the winter!
DSC 0453
Another view along the boardwalk. there was something at just about every other intersection.
DSC 0454
Grandpa Roy was intrigued by the skull a short block from the boardwalk.