Driving to Bryce Canyon
Grandpa drove; Grandma took pictures.
IMG 1444
The first part of the drive to Bryce Canyon was through territory similar to that driving north to Kanab from Arizona.
IMG 1449
IMG 1452
IMG 1453
The ride to Bryce Canyon turned onto this All-American road.
IMG 1455
The road went through the somewhat small Red Canyon.
IMG 1456
There were several of these short underpasses along the road.
IMG 1458
IMG 1460
Bryce Canyon City was only 7 years old when your grandparents visited in 2014. They had all the usual motels and some of the common chain stores, as well as camp grounds.
IMG 1461
The teepees were for campers.
IMG 1463
IMG 1464
IMG 1466
There is, unfortunately, always a danger of fire in the forests. Many are caused by careless humans.