Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon was another site your grandparents had not scheduled for a visit. They were certainly glad that they did.
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Pronghorn Antelope.
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Bryce Point was the highest part of the Rim Trail.
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Grandma Bert walked part of the Rim Trail.
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The formations are called "hoodoos." Rain and erosion play a big part in their shapes, as well as their longevity.
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Hoodoos can shrink, be reshaped or even disappear in a few short years.
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Grandpa Roy at the next overlook. He took the shuttle to wait from Grandma Bert. No way was he going to walk along the rim!
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The view from the Rim Trail.
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Somewhere along the Rim Trail away from the canyon side.
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Inspiration Point was lower, only 8,100 feet above sea level
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Grandma rejoined Grandpa, who had taken the shuttle, at Inspiration Point.
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Sunset Point was at only 8,000 feet.
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Sunrise Point.
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A view from Sunrise Point.
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