Highway Scenes
Grandma Bert's photos of the Texas countryside.

13 May 2014
IMG 0488
Welcome to Texas.
Texas Landscape
The Texas landscape.
Texas Landscape
IMG 0486
Pumping black gold.
IMG 0482
Burning off gas at an oil well.
IMG 0444
The Texas landscape was cluttered with windmills generating electricity (and killing birds and bats).
IMG 0451
IMG 0455
Some of these windmills are very close to the highway. Can you imagine what might happen to a car or truck if the blades came flying off as they sometimes have in the past.
IMG 0471
Your grandparents stopped to eat steak at this restaurant in Odessa, Texas. The city was named Odessa when the railroad was being built and Russians working on the railroad, who were from Odessa back home, felt the place was similar. They gave the city its name.
IMG 0473
The Pecos depot served as the Pecos, Texas, railroad station from 1893 to 1972. It then was moved to be an addition to the Barn Door restaurant. It was rebuilt to look exactly as it had in the past, including the use of original railway planks.
IMG 0477
The speed on the Interstate was 80 miles per hour. Grandpa Roy could watch the needle of the gas guage actually move as the gas was sucked out of the tank at that speed.