Dallas is mostly a business city.

Visited 12 May 2014
IMG 0399
The Dallas skyline. The GPS couldn't tell where Grandma and Grandpa were because of the tall buildings when they were driving in the city.
IMG 0404
Pioneer Plaza was the most interesting thing your grandparents saw in Dallas, with the exception of an air museum.
DSC 0522
Monument to the Confederacy erected by the Daughters of the Confederacy in 1896 at Pioneer Plaza
DSC 0525
Top of the monument.
IMG 0412
The monument is inside Pioneer Cemetery, which is composed of four old cemeteries.
DSC 0520
Grave of John Lane,
DSC 0533
Many of the graves were quite old. This one was of Barton Warren Stone, originally from Kentucky. He commanded two Confederate cavalry regiments during the Civil War. He also was a lawyer and ended his days in Dallas practicing law.
IMG 0410
A gaggle of tourists?
DSC 0527
The Dallas Convention Center is co-located with Pioneer Plaza.
DSC 0528
Grandma Bert passes the convention center walking toward the cemetery and Civil War monument
DSC 0535
A cattle drive through downtown Dallas at Pioneer Plaza.
DSC 0536
DSC 0543
DSC 0539
DSC 0557
IMG 0418
Don't worry, Grandpa wasn't afraid of the cattle.
DSC 0537
DSC 0544
DSC 0542
DSC 0545
DSC 0550
YO brand.
DSC 0551
SMS brand.
DSC 0552
DW brand.
DSC 0553
Tahoka Cattle Company brand.
DSC 0554
Circle 76 brand.
DSC 0555
Long X brand.