Smoky Mountains National Park
The park spans two states: Tennessee and North Carolina.

Visited 4 June 2014
IMG 2140
IMG 2138
Gatlinburg, Tennessee, another restort town, is located in the Smokys.
IMG 2141
View of Gatlilnburg. The reason for the name of the mountain range is visible in this photo.
IMG 2144
The Great Smoky Mountains.
IMG 2147
Your grandparents took as walk to a small waterfall.
IMG 2148
IMG 2149
Grandma kept taking pictures of Grandpa.
IMG 2150
The falls.
IMG 2151
Even from this view, it is obvious they aren't too high. They were pretty, though.
DSC 0773
IMG 2162
IMG 2163
The road your grandparents were on and a few cars can be seen from this view further up the mountain.
IMG 2166
IMG 2172
The Appalachian Trail, one of the longest continuous footpaths in the world, passes here.
IMG 2177
The state line. Grandma and Grandpa finally were back in North Carolina after 30 days on the road.
IMG 2178
IMG 2179
After crossing the Smokys, your grandparents continued through them for a short while on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
IMG 2182
The Blue Ridge Parkway is an extension of the Skyline Drive that begins at Front Royal, Virginia.
IMG 2185
There are several short tunnels along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
IMG 2186
Veiw from inside a tunnel.
IMG 2188-1
There was a road rally of old cars. Your grandparents followed this one for a while
IMG 2191
IMG 2197
IMG 2199
Not exactly in the mountains, Shell's Bar-B-Q in Hickory, North Carolina was the last meal your grandparents had on the road before arriving home a couple hours later. Shell's was also the last photo taken on the trip.