Bicentennial Park
Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park
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Entrance to one end of the Tennessee Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park.
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All the following markers are for people in the music industry who were from Tennessee.
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The Fisk Jubilee Singers have been active since 1871.
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The carillon at Bicentennial Park. Every 15 minutes it played a chord from a song about Tennessee. On the hour it played more of the song. When your grandparents were there it played the Tennessee Waltz.
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Another view of the carillon.
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Walls were inscribed with quotations from famouss Tennesseeans or snippets of Tennessee history as shown in the next few photos.
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The Rivers of Tennessee
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Children enjoy the fountains at the park.
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This part of the park celebrates the rivers of Tennessee.
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The ampitheater at Bicentennial Park. Grandma Bert can be seen in the distance photographing the ampitheater.
IMG 0233
Grandma Bert's photo of the ampitheater includes the state capitol building in the background.
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As in Maryland, there is a Carroll County also in Tennessee.
World War II Memorial
World War II Memorial
Farmers Market
Farmers Market