Hall of Fame
The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
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Main entrance to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Tickets were good for two days.
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The Hall of Fame was designed to look like a piano keyboard. The round part beneath the tower for WSM radio represents 45 and 78 RPM records.
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It was impossible to get a complete wide-angle photo of the Hall of Fame building.
DSC 0064
The museum was more than just a selection of artifacts to look at.
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There was a special exhibit devoted to Reba McIntire when your grandparents were in Nashville.
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Reba was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011.
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Webb Pierce's "gun" car.
CSC 0071
Webb Pierce's car is trimmed with silver dollars.
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Every guitar company had its own display.
DSC 0077
"The Sources of Country Music" painted by Thomas Hart Benton, dedicated to the memory of Tex Ritter. The painting could not be photographed directly because of glare and reflection from the museum's lighting.
DSC 0087
Because the artist died before he signed the painting, his preliminary sketches have been preserved and displayed at the museum.