Bicentennial Park
Trip 9009
The whole history of Tennessee is presented in chronological order in marble such as shown here.
Trip 0233 01
State capital building, viewed from Bicentennial Park.
Trip 9012
Grandpa in the shade near the fountains.
Trip 9013
The fountains commemorate the state's rivers, all of which are discussed on the marble wall behind the fountains.
Trip 9016
The Carillon.
Trip 9022
It automatically plays a bit of "The Tennessee Waltz" on the hour.
Trip 9017
Trip 9018
Trip 9019
Trip 9020
Trip 9021
Trip 9037
Trip 9025
The constantly spinning globe, dedicated to all who participated in World War II.
Trip 9024
Trip 9029
The Start of World War II for America, the bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.
Trip 9032
The end of World War II, the defeat of Japan after the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hirshima and Nagasaki.
Trip 9039
Preparing to depart Bicentennial Park.
Trip 9041
Noah waits for Grandpa to input their destination into the GPS.
Trip 9042
Grandma Bert immediately before leaving Centennial Park.
Trip 9046
A pleasant drive leaving the park after a nice walk around it.