Mississipi River
The Mighty Mississippi River

1 June 2014
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The Memphis Queen heads to the pier to pick up passengers for their short cruise on the Mississippi River.
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Terminal and pier for paddle wheel cruises along the Mississippi. Your grandparents boarded the Memphis Queen here.
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Many tugs push or pull a large number of
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Homes along the Mississippi River.
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Sclulpture commemorating the rescue by Tom Lee, a black man, of 23 white survivors after the M.E. Norman sank in rough waters on the river in 1925. Though Lee could not swim, he continued to pull survivors out of the river from his skiff.
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This building is rather new and occupied by tenants.
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The money ran out and this building is empty.
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Once a sports stadium, this pyramid is now being converted into a Bass Pro store. It also will house 101 hotel rooms.
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The famous B-17 "Memphis Belle" used to be displayed here, but because the city was neglecting it, the aircraft was removed
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View of a tourist trolley from the river.
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The number and letter are updated periodically to allow boats on the river to know the river's depth and if the level of the water is rising or falling. The depth when this photo was taken was 14 feet and the river level was falling. This information is important for the many tugs that ply the Mississippi River.
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The narrator aboard the Memphis Queen had many wonderful stories to tell.