Replica Paddlewheeler
Replica Paddlewheeler
DSC 0247
Name of the boat is on the exterior of the wheel house.
DSC 0244
Wheel House. They steered the boat from here.
DSC 0245
Boiler stack
DSC 0248
Miscellaneous items found on a steamboat.
DSC 0249
Cargo loaded for shipment.
CSC 0237
Typical cabin on a paddlewheeler in the late 1800s.
IMG 0284
Grandpa Roy poses for Grandma on the promenade deck.
CSC 0289
Real passengers in those days may have included Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens).
CSC 0257
Gamblers also sailed on the river. Many of them were cheats and some got caught.
CSC 0259
These two wax models depict showboat performers Jeanne and Tommy Windsor about 1930.