The Mississippi River Museum
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The museum had a large collection of ancient arrow heads and tools.
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Example of a dug-out canoe.
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The Robert E. Lee steamboat was famous for racing and beating the speed record holder, the Natchez, in a steamboat race in 1870.
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Model of a side wheel steam packet.
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A snag boat is a river boat, resembling a barge with superstructure for crew accommodations, and deck-mounted cranes and hoists for removing snags and other obstructions from rivers and other shallow waterways.
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Model of an ironclad gunboat.
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Granda poses at an exhibit that shows what a modern tug captain sees when pushing barges on the river at night.
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Example of a paddle wheel.
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Grandma Bert poses next to a large more modern-style boat engine.
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The Mississippi River spawned much of the music that is typically American today.
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Many musical artists and songwriters were from Tennessee or lived along the river.
Replica Paddlewheeler
Replica Paddlewheeler
Replica Ironclad
Replica Ironclad