Casey Jones Museum
Jackson, Tennessee.
The museum was another unplanned stop for your grandparents.

Visited 2 June 2014
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The Case Jones Museum in Jackson, Tennessee is located at the Casey Jones Village.
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Your grandparents had supper at the Old Country Store and Restaurant at the Casey Jones Village.
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Part of the Casey Jones Village.
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Number 382, the Cannonball Special, was a high-speed passenger train. Because the original engineer was unavailable Jones was asked to fill in. He left 2 hours late.
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The train was behind schedule and Jones was trying to make up for lost time, not knowing the line was blocked ahead.
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Learning too late that the track was blocked, Jones attempted to stop. He managed to save all the lives of the passengers, but he was killed.
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Photo of Sim Webb, who was Casey Jones' fireman on the last ride. He survived because Jones made him jump from the train. Webb had been a school teacher before joining the railroad.
DSC 0742
Sim Webb later in life.
DSC 0738
Bronze bust of Casey Jones.
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This type of hearse would have carried Jones coffin to the cemetery.
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This engine is smaller than the original 382. It has been refitted to resemble Casey Jone's engine.
DSC 0751
Firebox and boiler.
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DSC 0754
Guages for air brakes.
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Casey Jones home. It was quite nice for the era.
DSC 0763
Original wallboard inside the frame.
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Dining room.
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Bedroom. The crocheted bedspread was made by Jones' wife, Janey.
DSC 0762
Children's bedroom.
DSC 0764
Kitchen. Coal burning stove in foreground.
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The bathroom included a zinc bathtub.
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There were several rail cars around the grounds.
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