Home of Andrew Jackson, seventh president of the United States

Visited 8 May 2014.
IMG 0236
The Hermitate, home of Andrew Jackson,
DSC 0173
Carriage used by Andrew Jackson.
DSC 0175
One of several gates on the property.
DSC 0176
View of the mansion from the front yard.
DSC 0178
Mansion from the rear.
DSC 0192
All that is left today of slave quarters.
DSC 0174
Clothing worn by Andrew Jackson and his bride Rachel on their wedding day.
DSC 0179
Wagon that gave guided tours around the property.
DSC 0190
Slaves' quarters. These have been rebuilt for the museum.
DSC 0183
Wild turkeys on the Hermitage property.
DSC 0177
Grave of Andrew Jackson and his wife. Rachel Jackson died before Andrew Jackson became president.