Bristol Caverns
Visited August 2015
IMG 4199
IMG 4203
Bristol Caverns gift shop. That's Aaron walking toward the car.
IMG 4200
Grandpa Roy waiting for the tour. Not that he has his jacket with him.
DSC 0237
Grandma and Noah waiting for the cavern tour to begin.
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IMG 4202
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IMG 4205
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DSC 0240
DSC 0241
The print on the rock says, "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time."
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IMG 4208
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IMG 4211
DSC 0257
Steps to the lower levels of the caverns. Too steep and too terrifying from Grandpa Roy, who hates heights unless surrounded by airplane.
DSC 0256
A view showing the turn visitors had to make a little way down into the lower depths.
DSC 0249
There were too many steps down to the lower depths for Grandpa Roy, so he waited behind. Here Aaron and Noah can be seen headed to the lower levels of the caverns.
IMG 4212
Grandma Bert took photos as she and the three grandsons headed to the bottom of the caverns.
IMG 4214
IMG 4215
IMG 4216
Looking up toward the level where Grandpa Roy was waiting.
IMG 4217
Grandpa Roy is up there somewhere.
IMG 4218
IMG 4220
IMG 4221
IMG 4222
IMG 4223
IMG 4224
DSC 0250
Meanwhile, as he waited, Grandpa Roy took some photos and video of the level where he remained behind.
DSC 0251
The "pit" in the lower center of the photo is actually the area of the steps heading down.
DSC 0252
DSC 0253
DSC 0254