Musical Heritage
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The Birthplace of Country Music museum used to be on the Tennessee side of town. It moved to the Virginia side the summer of 2014, a year ago.
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The new Birthplace of Country Music Museum, Bristol, Virginia, side of town.
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Johnny Cash's Martiln guitar.
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Grandma Bert's favorite, the Unbroken Circle exhibit
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Grandma Bert's favorite, the Unbroken Circle exhibit
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Sadly, the glare spoils this view of an old-time recording studio.
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There were a lot of interactive exhibits at the museum. Yodelling with Jimmie Rodgers was one of them.
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Behind this wall were videos about how to play certain instruments. Visitors could chose an instrument and start the video for a hands-on experience.
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Noah tries a small fiddle.
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His stance with the fiddle is better here.
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Noah tries the banjo.
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And now he tries a guitar.
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Bristol is known as the "Birthplace of Country Music."
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The Carter family and Jimmie Rodgers recorded the first country and western music to be distributed nationwide in 1927.
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Take the State, sculpted by Val Lyle.