Bristol City Streets
IMG 4162
Probably just about the most photographed city sign in the country. Virginia is to the left and Tennessee is to the right.
IMG 4158
IMG 4157
IMG 4165
Virginia side
IMG 4159
Tennessee side.
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DSC 0181
Bristol also has a renowned NASCAR short race track.
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DSC 0184
IMG 4164
Flags of the United States, Tennessee and Virginia.
IMG 4166
State street. Photo taken from the Virginia side. Tennessee is on the other side of the street.
IMG 4168
A lot of state flags can be seen on the Tennessee side.
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DSC 0192
DSC 0196
Sculpture outside the TriSummit bank, near the train station.
DSC 0197
The sculpture was made by students of the Russel Country (Virginia) Vocational Technical College.
IMG 4169
Left at the light takes you to Virginia, right to Tennessee.
DSC 0175
DSC 0229
The geese own the streets, at least on the Virginia side.
IMG 4198
Still in Bristol, a view of the Smoky Mountains.