Prairie Homestead
Date visited 25 June 2017
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Overall view of the farm, which is the location today of the only surviving sod hut in America.
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Originally built as a sod house only, it was later added on to. It was the home of Mr & Mrs Ed Brown in 1909.
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Grandson Noah poses in the doorway to the sod hut part of the homestead.
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The kitchen.
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The sod walls are clearly visible in this view of the kitchen.
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Noah examines the parlor, added on later, complete with a wooden floor.
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A good view of the sod hut's walls in the bedroom.
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The later addition added a great deal of comfort, as well as a window, to the home.
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This well was dug 30 feet deep by hand. Many wells went dry. In later years, this well supplied only several buckets of water a day.
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The Sears and Roebuck Catalog was used as toilet paper in this outhouse.
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Chicken coop.
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The "Cave." Built for food storage and use as a storm cellar.
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The "Cave" from the rear.
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"Agricultural boiler" used to render hogs, boil chickens or even wash heavy laundry.
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