Welcome Center and Museum
IMG 0356
IMG 0411
View of the monument from the welcome center.
IMG 0357
Painting of the late Karczak Ziolkowski working on the carving. He also had worked on the Mt. Rushmore monument before accepting this job.
DSC 0479
Crazy Horse. What the monument will look like when completed.
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IMG 0362
IMG 0401
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IMG 0403
IMG 0404
IMG 0407
This sculpture is what the full monument will look like when it is finished.
IMG 0406
IMG 0408
DSC 0503
Ziolkowski's composite carving of Crazy Horse based on "word pictures." There are no actual drawings or pictures of Crazy Horse.
DSC 0504
Life-sized bronze sculpture of Ray Kroc, the founder of MacDonald's. Ziolkowski and he were friends. The sculpture portrays Kroc with the plans for the first restaurant in his hand.
DSC 0506
Wild Bill Hickock bust.
IMG 0410
DSC 0508
DSC 0474
DSC 0556
Fighting Stallions. They are lighted at night.
DSC 0558
Nature Gates by Ziolkowski.
DSC 0554
Kaput, the original air compressor used for the jack hammers carving the memorial.